/Op (Improve Float Consistency)

Many C++ compilers offer a "consistency" floating-point model, (through a /Op or /fltconsistency switch) which enables a developer to create programs compliant with strict floating-point semantics. When engaged, this model prevents the compiler from using most optimizations on floating-point computations while allowing those optimizations for non-floating-point code. The consistency model, however, has a dark-side. In order to return predictable results on different FPU architectures, nearly all implementations of /Op round intermediate expressions to the user specified precision. http://www.microsoft.com/indonesia/msdn/floapoint.aspx Optimization matters only when it matters. When it matters, it matters a lot, but until you know that it matters, don't waste a lot of time doing it. Even if you know it matters, you need to know where it matters. Without performance data, you won't know what to optimize, and you'll probably optimize the wrong thing. http://www.codeproject.com/tips/optimizationenemy.asp

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