Software Optimization Guide for AMD Family 10h Processors

C and C++ Source-Level Optimizations

  • Declarations of Floating-Point Values
  • Using Arrays and Pointers
  • Unrolling Small Loops
  • Arrange Boolean Operands for Quick Expression Evaluation
  • Expression Order in Compound Branch Conditions
  • Long Logical Expressions in If Statements
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation Consideration
  • Unnecessary Store-to-Load Dependencies
  • Matching Store and Load Size
  • Use of Function Prototypes
  • Use of const Type Qualifier
  • Generic Loop Hoisting
  • Local Static Functions
  • Explicit Parallelism in Code
  • Extracting Common Subexpressions
  • Sorting and Padding C and C++ Structures
  • Replacing Integer Division with Multiplication
  • Frequently Dereferenced Pointer Arguments
  • 32-Bit Integral Data Types
  • Sign of Integer Operands
  • Accelerating Floating-Point Division and Square Root
  • Speeding Up Branches Based on Comparisons Between Floats
  • Improving Performance in Linux® Libraries
  • Aligning Matrices

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