DebugDiag 1.2 installation issues

This is the shortest way of installing DebugDiag 1.2 on Windows 7 Home Premium PL (non-English O.S.).
Installation on non-English systems fails because of lack of presence of "Users" group.
It is really frustrating to fight with installation of this wonderful toy so many times.

Follow these instructions:

I made it that way personally.
1. Download DebugDiag 1.2. from
2. Save it to c:\a\
3. Start elevated command line
4. cd "c:\a"
5. msiexec /a "c:\a\DebugDiagx64.msi" /qb TARGETDIR="C:\Program Files\"
6. cd "C:\Program Files\DebugDiag"
7. "Register.bat"
8. Close command line

Now you can run DebugDiag or DebugDiagAnalysis. But I had another problem at this point.
I could not view reports of analysis.
There was a message about error of running ShellCommand with error code 5 (ACCESS_DENIED).
I had no program associated with *.mht files.
1. Start iexplore
2. Open one of *.mht files. They are located
C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\DebugDiag\Reports
3. Right click on file and associate it with Internet Explorer
4. Allow any ActiveX controls.
5. Enjoy

P.S. Here you can fine some struggles of other people :)

P.S.2. I hope that I didn't miss anything.

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